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Requirements Development

Is Your Organization Contemplating New Technology?

The decision to implement new technology is a weighty one. Limited staff and increased workload can make it seem daunting as well. But to get the desired result, which is a system that meets your needs at a reasonable price, you need assistance. LRW Solutions Group has the experience to manage the project for you so that you can concentrate on daily operations.

The First Step — Requirements Development

Software vendors need detailed user or functional requirements in order to develop a system that meets your needs. Enlisting an independent party to carry out this important step ensures that you will get an unbiased, accurate and detailed review of your operations and the automation to support those needs. Once the requirements are developed and approved, they can be used to select a vendor and establish a contract for the implementation. The requirements become your contractual vehicle to ensure compliance and a successful implementation.

LRW Can Help

The staff at LRW Solutions Group has vast experience in developing requirements for new system implementations. Additionally, we help organizations select their software vendor and manage the implementation to the finish. Our requirements are detail-oriented; we leave no stone unturned. This results in a smoother system implementation because the vendor understands exactly what is required. Our Requirements Document typically contains the following:

  • Assessment of current processes
  • Redesigned processes that fit in with the new system’s functionality
  • Functional requirements
  • Technical/Platform requirements
  • Recommendations for next steps in the contracting effort

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