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Records Management

Records Management Defined

Today, many counties are struggling to keep pace with ever growing volumes of paper with limited, protective space to store them in. The growing volume makes it difficult to retrieve the records when necessary. The goal of records management is the ability to access your records upon demand, no matter where they are stored or whether they are in paper or electronic format. Records management also concerns the proper storage and care of records, retaining the records for the right time period, and disposing of unneeded records.

In county and state government, records are critical assets and officials are bound by law to protect them and make them available when needed. A Records Management Plan can provide a blueprint for government entities on how to best make decisions affecting their handling of valuable records.

LRW Solutions Group Can Help You

LRW Solutions Group draws on its extensive experience helping counties improve records management. We have developed Records Management Plans covering up to 34 departments and the courts. We have provided recommendations for effective near-term and long-range solutions to counties’ records challenges and helped them implement those recommendations. We also provide retention guidelines that not only comply with those in the County Records Manual, but also each department’s specific documentation and file structure needs.

LRW works closely with your management and staff to gather information and conduct planning for the development of a sound, comprehensive Records Management Plan. Through interviews, data gathering and analysis, LRW Solutions Group provides a plan addressing the following:

  • Findings on each department’s current records management practices
  • Storage and retention guidelines for each department
  • Results of departmental records inventories
  • Recommended solutions to individual departments’ records needs such as:
    • A file purge/destruction plan
    • New records handling methods
    • Implementation of a records tracking system, imaging system or case management system
  • County-wide findings and recommendations, both near term and long range
  • A path forward for implementing records improvements including prioritization and order of tasks