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Process Improvement

Process Improvement At A Glance

Organizations typically face increased work loads with decreased staff. With or without technology to support your office’s operations, it is the work methods, or business processes, that make the biggest difference in your ability to handle your work volume. Implementing improvements to those processes can result in an increase in your staff’s utilization level.

Additionally, redesigning work processes is often required before implementing a new software application or other technology. The process improvement effort goes hand-in-hand with development of requirements for the new system, to ensure that the system supports the processes and vice versa.

The LRW Solution

At LRW Solutions Group, we focus on process improvement, not "downsizing" your staff. Our goal is to help organizations do more with existing staff by minimizing repetitive or time-consuming processes and replacing them with improved methods that save time. Often it is that independent assessment that can more easily point out areas for improvement while the staff goes about its daily tasks. LRW assesses the current processes through staff interviews, focus groups and walk-through/observation, then redesigns those processes to result in organizational improvement. After development of the new processes, LRW can help you put those processes into place and ensure their effectiveness.

Next Steps

If you are contemplating new technology, LRW can provide a full suite of services to help you through the challenges. As process improvement efforts are underway, LRW can develop requirements for the new system that are tightly integrated with the new processes. We can also help you identify and select a software vendor or integrator and manage the implementation process. This provides a seamless progression towards quality improvements and increased efficiency and frees up management and staff for daily performance of their jobs.