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Business Continuity Planning

What is Business Continuity Planning?

Organizations with automated office systems in place know how disruptive any amount of down time can be to their operations, and transitioning to manual operations for long periods is not an option. Business Continuity Planning helps an organization plan for potential disruptions (natural, manmade or technological) so that operations can be restored as quickly as possible. A Business Continuity Plan addresses protection and restoration of office operations, applications, hardware and other resources in the event of an unexpected disruption in business operations.

The Benefits of Business Continuity Planning

A comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) not only potentially reduces the severity of the outage’s effect; it can also allow the organization to respond in a timely and effective manner to what could otherwise be a highly stressful event. Other benefits of business continuity planning include ensuring a complete backup process, expanding security, improving system performance, decreasing down time in the event of an outage and decreasing risk to critical resources.

LRW Solutions Group Can Help You

LRW Solutions Group works closely with your management and staff to gather the information and conduct the planning necessary for the development of a sound Business Continuity Plan for your organization. LRW Solutions will address the following:

  • Assign and define a BCP team with specific team membership responsibilities
  • Identify critical office functions along with the hardware and software supporting each function, the impact that the disruption or loss of the function would have on overall operations and the person responsible for taking action
  • Define the actions needed to restore core business functions within an acceptable time period depending on its severity and impact
  • Develop sample conceptual emergency exercises to test the effectiveness of the plan
  • Provide recommendations on actions needed to correct any readiness shortfalls identified during the planning process
  • Provide training to the BCP team and management and assist in testing and implementing the plan